Friday, February 10, 2012

Untitled #19

Splendid Stripe Hoodie
$70 -

Baby Clothing: Toddler Boy Clothing: Shoes | Gap

Nordstrom carries some super cute Peek brand clothing for boys- it's a little pricier than I'd pay for a t-shirt, but pretty cute. I have been able to find Peek tees at Nordstrom Rack, just not in Little Man's size unfortunately. I LOVE these baby gap moccasins- I've been wanting to get a pair for Little Man, but until now haven't been able to find a pair that look like boy shoes rather than girl moccasins!


  1. Ooo! I like those shoes, too. It gets chilly up here and I usually wear uggs - but those are way too girly for boys. These would be perfect. Do you know if they are lined with sherpa or whatever?

  2. I don't think they are- at least it's not included in the description. Uggs would be SO much easier for little feet but I totally agree that they are too girly for boys! I have seen a few guys actually wearing uggs with shorts and it's not a good look!